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Neewa was set up to meet the needs of all dog owners who love open-air sports and who are looking for a truly practical product to make their four-legged friends happy.

“NEEWA – Sport Utility and Dog Gear” is a proprietary mark of Agripool Srl, a company based in Desenzano del Garda and a world leader in the production of lawn-mower bags and harnesses for gardening since 1975

Since 1999 Agripool has been producing multifilament yarns, tapes and fabrics in polypropylene.

In 2005 Agripool entered the automotive sector, taking out a patent on its “snow stockings” for cars and on its Multigrip fabric, which increases the contact surface between the tyre and snow.

In 2010 it patented TRE DI, an impact and drainage pad used for the production of artificial turf, which has received FIFA and LND certification.

In 2012 the Pet Division was opened to offer technical products for dog lovers.

Total verticalisation of production has enabled Agripool to become highly competitive on the world market and to control product quality at every stage of the production cycle.

Neewa products are designed to optimise the performance of all dogs involved in sports and public service activities.

The well-being of dogs is at the heart of the Neewa project, so during the product development stage Agripool works with some of Italy’s top professionals in dog sports.


Technical features:

Neewa products are made with the finest materials on the market. Webbing for leashes, collars and harnesses is made exclusively in high-resistance polypropylene to ensure strength and durability.

Polypropylene is the most widely used fibre in sports because it is non-allergenic, light (it is the fibre with the lowest specific gravity on the market), it does not shrink and it dries quickly, since it does not absorb liquids, and it is also 100% recyclable.

All the metal and plastic components are made of materials with a high degree of tensile strength and resistance to tear.

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